Does anyone out there know anything about Pinterest?

I’ve recently seen it show up in my referrer logs, and it turns out a bunch of people I don’t know have “pinned” a bunch of photos from my blog. I feel like this site came out of nowhere.

pinterest justinsomnia screenshot
Screenshot of pinned images from my blog

You can imagine my surprise when I discovered my sister-in-law browsing Pinterest over the holidays with her new Android-based Toshiba Thrive tablet! When did everyone get so high-tech?



it’s just had fantastic growth the past few months. i have 123 followers on there (i signed maybe a year ago?) and i’ve never “pinned” anything.

I love it. It’s Delicious for everyone. I see people posting photos, recipes, design work, articles, want-to-buy items, and more.


don’t understand how it works…but feels like i never have to by once more a journal ;-))… type the word “beauty” or “art” …and you get a storrybook. I like it !


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