Smart Fortwo on Pine Street

Blue Smart Fortwo
A blue Fortwo



just joined our city’s new car share program, car2go. All smart cars, all over the city. it’s super neat.

Love the lines :)

Jackie – I’m so jealous… SF Zipcar doesn’t have Smart Cars yet. I want to drive around in one!

you will love my new car too- i am now proud owner of a 4 year old Daihatsu Copen ;-))… since 2 weeks.

Ooo, wow the Daihatsu Copen is super cute! Unfortunately, Daihatsu is one of several car brands that you can’t buy in the US, so I’ll just have to live vicariously through you.

can’t believe that there are things in usa you can’t buy …- yes he is super-super cute ;-)) – looks like an matchbox car . After i “carried” him home..i stoped close to my old car – the twingo…and the twingo looks like a family-van ;-)))). Guess – i will post a picture in some days on my blog… (written without translation program ;-))..

Geli, ha, I laughed when I read “After i ‘carried’ him home”! Such a cute image. Do take picture of it when you get a chance, perhaps next to the Twingo for comparison.

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