Pink VW Cabrio on Pine Street

Pink Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet on Pine Street
Pink Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet

It occurred to me recently that the cars parked along Pine Street have become the cast of characters I “interact” with on my daily walk to and from work. I recognize the regulars, the oddballs, and the often amusing juxtaposition between the vehicle and its context, as is the case here. I desaturated the surroundings to emphasize that, but trust me, it was nearly monochromatic to start with.



Thats my wonderful car!

Amanda, ha. Do you mean you have a VW Cabrio like this one, or this is actually your car? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it being driven several times by a man.


Yes this was my exact car! Me and my ex use to drive it around everywhere! It’s on the car stack now by science world

Amanda, do you mean the Trans Am Totem in Vancouver, BC? It looks like the pink car in that art work has different bumpers and hubcaps.


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