Mise-en-abyme Halloween

Justin as as his halloween blog post on Justinsomnia.org

For Halloween this year I just dressed up as my blog post about what I dressed up as for Halloween this year. See also: Lost Wormhole.


omg, this made my day. kudos dude :D

Ha, can’t believe you remember that.


very nice


costume is missing a box

Andy, last year (Look ma, no hands!) is hard to top.

I really like that Mise en abyme rhymes with Halloween, but Jonathan said this post really should have been titled “Droste effect Halloween”. Or Strange loop Halloween, I suppose.

Mark Levitt

Recursively clever, that’s you.

P.S. Happy Meeting-Stephanie anniversary. ;)

Mark quite right, and many thanks for providing the venue for said meeting, four years ago!

recursion is cool.


Beware the curse of recursion!

first i had to google and ask wiki ;-)) now i am more clever – and can tell you – coooool !!

Melanie Preddy

very cute ;O) you look just the same!

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