What’s so wrong with being a toilet for Halloween?

Toilet CostumeYesterday on Boing Boing, David Pescovitz posted a link to a Toilet Halloween costume, calling it “deeply depressing disturbing.” Even worse, the product description for the costume says:

A Child toilet costume is perfect for every potty mouth kid– Use as a modern day Dunce cap!!

Sheesh! Well back when I was a not-so-potty-mouthed-kid, my dad, brother, and I used to make realistic Halloween costumes out of corrugated cardboard and glue guns. And when I say realistic, I mean we carefully measured and enlarged the object we were building to precise scale. We’d go trick-or-treating around the neighborhood and at the local mall (apparently the place to show off our costumes) and collect candy from the stores.

For the Halloween of 1989, I was toilet and my brother was a hammer, which caught the eye of a photographer at the Poughkeepsie Journal, and we made it in the paper:

Justin as toilet and Matthew as hammer for Halloween, October 1989

Note the toilet paper, Comet, and Vanish on top of the tank. Also, note that I edited the caption to correctly read that I was the toilet and my brother was the hammer, not vice versa.