The tufas of Mono Lake

Last weekend Stephanie and I ventured all the way through Yosemite to get to Mono Lake on the other side. We didn’t really have a reason to go, except that it was there. After stopping for lunch in the town…

Panum Crater

In between checking out the Mono Lake tufas in the early afternoon and then catching them at sunset, we drove over to Panum Crater, “a perfect example of a rhyolitic plug-dome volcano”. It’s one of a series of craters that…

Too scared to reach the top of Lembert Dome

Since we had all of last Sunday to head home through Yosemite from Mono Lake, and since the weather was absolutely gorgeous, we figured, why not stop somewhere around Tuolomne Meadows for a hike? (Finally learned from a ranger that…

San Francisco through the Bay Bridge at sunset

Stephanie took this on the way home from Yosemite and Mono Lake

OMG Boing Boing redesigns

After helping speed the demise of mainstream media and traditional publishing, Boing Boing has decided to add—wait for it—a masthead! How retro! At least Ken Snider, FM Engineering’s Network Architect, gets a shout out.

Hu Jintao is one Badass Motherfucker

Really nice photo by REUTERS/Joe Chan, (via The Big Picture)


My first LOLcat: “Cheezburger” Hello Kitty spotted at the Sanrio store in San Francisco’s Westfield Mall

How about some corn smut with your coffee on this fine Monday morning?

Corn smut, (aka huitlacoche, a Nahuatl word reportedly meaning raven’s excrement) as seen at Far West Fungi in the San Francisco Ferry Building. For a laugh, check out Steve, Don’t Eat It! Vol. 7, Cuitlacoche.

An excerpt from Milk: The Surprising Story of Milk Through the Ages

Milk: The Surprising Story of Milk Through the Ages Homogenization disrupted the chemical structure of the milkfat so drastically as to release a torrent of enzymes that promptly turned raw milk rancid. Even when dairy chemists learned to sidestep rancidity…

On Surplus

7 quarts of Summerhill Dairy goat milk This must not be a new idea, but somehow I’ve gotten it into my head that the great culinary traditions of the world can probably be traced back to how that particular culture…

Three months on a shampoo bar

A shampoo bar I’ve been washing my hair with a shampoo bar for three months now. I’d given up bar soaps for body wash years ago, but even before then, I never knew it was possible to shampoo with a…

San Francisco cable car time-lapse

Audio sample from Take Time, off The Books’ album, The Lemon of Pink, used with permission. Thanks Nick and Paul! This is one I’ve been wanting to do for a while. My last two time-lapses were both stationary (Pine St…

San Francisco pickpockets, a sketch

To the thieves who stole Stephanie‘s wallet and iPhone at the CAV Wine Bar and Kitchen on Friday night around 8pm: WE KNOW WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE My first thought as you saddled up to the bar next us while…

Mise-en-abyme Halloween

For Halloween this year I just dressed up as my blog post about what I dressed up as for Halloween this year. See also: Lost Wormhole.