Maldon sea salt pyramids

After Claudine and Danny introduced us to Maldon sea salt at their last food shindig, we picked up a box at Williams Sonoma. At first I thought the flakes were a little big (compared to the fleur de sel de camargue we had been using), but once I got in the habit of grinding them between my fingers over my food, they’re actually quite nice. “Salty snowflakes” in the words of Sabine.

Maldon sea salt pyramids
And the best part: they’re shaped like little hollow pyramids

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ooh… awesome! glad to have introduced you! :) great macro shot of the crystals, really beautiful! … a tip — Maldon is usually sold for $7-8/ box… not sure how much you paid at WS but you can get it cheaper at groceries like Berkeley Bowl or even Whole Foods, I think.


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