Vespa road trip, uh-huh

Yesterday Stephanie and I took our first Vespa road trip. We headed further up 101 than either of us had been before (on Vespas), getting off on CA-1 towards Stinson Beach. Though we’d planned on spending time at Stinson, we ended up stopping at Muir Beach, a small coastal community and public access beach along the way.

We watched the waves, watched the children and dogs play in the water. I wandered around and took a few photos. Stephanie took this one of my reflection:

Justin's reflection in the water at Muir Beach

Then we scooted up to the Muir Beach Overlook for some pretty cool views of the coastline with the fog far in the distance.

Muir Beach overlook

At which point I decided it was time for some radical pictures of me on my scooter:

Justin on his Vespa at Muir Beach Overlook

Later on we stopped at a scenic overlook and a woman (riding up CA-1 with her boy) offered to take a photo of both of us.

Justin and Stephanie on Vespas overlooking the Pacific on CA-1

The route:

Route from San Francisco to Muir Beach to Stinson Beach to Mill Valley to Sausalito and back to San Francisco


Awesome pictures! Looks like a gorgeous trip.


you two look like a couple of nefarious Italian assasins. I’d expect you to drive up the side of my car, look in the window and then shoot me with the semi-automatic pistols you’d been concealing within the folds of your big padded jackets…

Pay no attention to our smiles. That’s just a cover.


So how many miles north did you travel?

Oh not far. Only up to Stintson Beach. About 46 miles round trip sez Google Maps. But a pretty awesome and challenging ride along CA-1 and Panoramic Highway (through Mt Tamalpais State Park). I’ve added a map of our route.

Also forgot to mention, we had an excellent chicken quesadilla at Joe’s Taco Lounge & Salsaria. Maybe the best ever.


Enjoy the Vespas and the chicken quesadillas. Cheers from a Vespa rider in Melbourne, AUSTRALIA.

This is almost what it looks like when I look out of my Skylab windows. Is it beautiful down there?


Reflection and shadow in one frame. Very informative snap for light study.


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