I’d like my midlife crisis now, thank you

Screw down payments, this is one hot car.

2007 BMW Z4

I saw one in Sausalito, you know, by the Maseratis. A little unpractical at $40k, I suppose.

FWIW, it’s 161.9 inches long, putting it between the Hyundai Accent and the VW GTI, 16 inches longer than a MINI Cooper.

Now that I’ve been carless for all of three months (though of course not internal combustion engine-less), I find that I’m becoming more aware of the things that having a car enables. For instance, just because San Francisco is hyper-walkable doesn’t mean everything I want can be found in one square mile. In particular, there is one thing I find myself missing more and more these days: green. Vegetation. Unbounded open spaces.

Having a car doesn’t fix San Francisco’s lack of green spaces (or warmth), but in my previous lives I would drive to places that felt like the middle of nowhere in under an hour. On weeknights.

In other news, this weekend Stephanie and I bought a tent. It has an attic which I think is pretty radical.

REI Half Dome 2 HC tent

If anyone would like to join in or initiate any tent-related activities, especially those that involve cooking meat outdoors, let us know. Destinations within scootering distance a plus.



ok, enough is enough, if you end up owning a vespa and a bmw at the same time, i’m gonna have to come over there and steal your identity.

If I end up owning a BMW, I’m going to steal my identity.


somewhere out there a black Honda is crying

Apparently that black Honda is back in North Carolina, shuttling a Dookie around. It should be crying.


couple of fillet of angus steaks, drop in some of your cheeky red wine then splash with lime before plating up. serve with french bread and butter and glasses of the red. goes amazingly well with a few scottish lochs and mountains…. but you’ll need a flying scooter.

lainey, not sure how I missed your comment when you first posted it, but i’m definitely nominating it for best comment ever!


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