This is what happens when your co-worker orders miracle fruit

Miracle Fruit

Miracle fruit is a small red berry that masks the sour taste buds, making lemons and limes taste sweet like candy. Andre ordered a bunch online and so we pulled together a collection of the bitterest and sourest foods we could find at the nearby market.

Miracle Fruit tasting test

Verdict: if you have the chance to try miracle fruit with lemons or limes, do it. The effect is amazing, like sparkling sweet explosions of lemon and lime flavor. Grapefruit and tomatoes were also quite a bit sweeter. Guinness stout kind of tasted like beer juice. Bitter 99% cacao chocolate tasted like bitter 99% cacao chocolate.


I was hoping you would blog this!
I think the Guinness had kind of a sweet mint mouthwash flavor to it after the miracle fruit. The lime was my favorite, though.

Dude! Where did you get these? I thought you couldn’t order them in the US…I want!

Umm, I dunno, I think it took some doing, and it kind of seemed like Andre was gonna get taken to the cleaners. But sure enough, they arrived. I think it was some place in Florida. Maybe through eBay? I’ll check.

I bought some from and it’s actually amazing. So much better than I thought – it really works. Everyone should try this once.


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