OMG I just sold my car

Last November I finished paying off my car loan. So I figured, what better time to sell it? No response from craigslist. So I sat on it for a while. Until getting back from France.

Feeling charged to make some change, I relisted it. By the second revision I got some interest (one person!), got the car detailed (it looked like new!), went out on a test drive (in the rain!), negotiated the price (I gave in a little!), and today, this morning, I sold my car (my baby is gone!).

The biggest difference? My keychain feels SO tiny:

My keychain without car keys
I actually had second thoughts about posting this photo considering this


After moving to the city (and realizing daily street parking blows), I started parking my car for free at work in Sausalito. Whenever I wanted to use it (on the weekends, etc), it took an hour by bus to get there. Not only did that eliminate the spontaneity of just hopping in the car, it also prevented me from trying to adapt to using Zipcar, cabs et al—without angsting over their pay-per-use costs.

Surprisingly, when I tallied up the annual cost of driving to work (and maintaining a car) versus taking the bus, they came out equivalent (Golden Gate Transit ain’t cheap) until factoring in the cost of renting a garage at $250+/month. The benefit though is that driving only takes 15 minutes, while busing takes over 50 (and runs once an hour).

From a cost-benefit perspective, I’m still not sure whether $250/month or 25 hours/month is more valuable to me. I guess I’ve answered my own question by selling the car. For now. The 25 hours isn’t all bad. Almost a third of that time is spent walking to and from the bus stop, and on the bus I can read, talk to my coworkers, edit photos for blog posts. But it’s no picnic either. Let’s not forget the two mornings a week I bike to work!

In the end this is an experiment (interpreting this broadly). And experiments don’t have to be successful. In which case, I’ve got a backup plan.



Segway? Vespa?

We’ll see. Right now I’m just going to settle into this new reality, shouldn’t be too hard given how little I’ve been using the car. I’ve thought recently about getting a scooter to ease the commute and city navigation (most recent neatlink case in point), but I’m going to give it some time.

Strike that. Apparently a day was enough time. Spent most of Sunday afternoon at the Vespa dealership.


Next Sunday afternoon: SEGWAY of San Francisco. HA HA HA

Heh. Not sure that would make it to Sausalito.


From the site “Although they’re ideal for short jaunts of 5 – 10 miles or less, Segway PTs can travel as far as 24 miles on a single battery charge, depending on terrain, payload, and riding style. “

At a maximum speed of 12.5 mph (going full bore, pedestrians be-damned), it’d take me 38 minutes to get to Sausalito. Assuming an average speed of 8mph (stop signs, traffic), we’re talking an hour.

Katie M.

Yeah, and at least you can read on the bus. Warning: scooters are very easy to steal. I’d buy an ugly old one.

Biggest worry on a two wheeler or small car is getting in a car wreck with a normal size car, truck or worse an suv, one time and your done! Most motorcycle accidents happen because the person said they never saw the victim, so be sure to choose a loud color or put one of those loud ass mufflers on! oh yeah! see lock banging on youtube! Nice lookin Q by the way! try out some red slaw!

Webb, I kind of figure I’m riding my bike on city streets almost all the way to Sausalito (I’m a pedestrian as far as the GG Bridge is considered), plus city traffic is a lot slower than suburban or freeway traffic, so I’m hoping I’ll be ok.

Oh, and I’ll be taking a 2 day long motorcycle safety course in a few weeks, before getting my license.


How will you come see your awesome firends i.e. me? Huh?

Rental car, of course!


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