Biking to work

Did I mention I’ve been biking to work (again)?

My bike route to work from San Francisco to Sausalito
It’s only 7.87 miles!

Back in Chapel Hill, I used to bike to work (and back) every day because there was no parking at our building. That and work was only a mile away. On weekends I’d go out mountain biking on the trails off Estes Road with Patrick, at least once a week when the weather was good. Moving to Santa Rosa meant, for the first time in several years, that the bike was spending most of the time not being ridden. Except when I made the effort to bring it out to Annadel.

Talking about bikes at work and with some of Stephanie’s co-workers—and starting to better understand the city and my place in it (it’s been 4 months already!), got me thinking about bikes again. I realized that in a way I’m essentially back in Chapel Hill. Albeit one 14 times the size and much denser. Having access to a bike (as opposed to a car) opens up the possibility of greater (and more instantly gratifying) access to the city, without always having to depend on public transportation (which I am starting to warm to).

Well, back when I had that nasty cold, I decided to get some long outstanding chores done, including finally taking my bike to the shop to get it tuned up with new cables, new street tires (slicks) and a new seat. Then I installed front and rear fenders and an LED headlight. It looks like a completely different beast. A frankenbike for sure, but I love it. It’s the same one I’ve had since sophomore year of college (circa 1999).

And since the second week of November, I’ve been riding the 7.8 miles down to the bay, across the Marina, and over the Golden Gate Bridge twice a week, without fail. The weather is unpredictable, but it’s been nice more times that not, and a few days have just been stunningly clear (especially after it rains). I’m not sure how it’ll be when the rainy season comes, but since I have to bring a change of clothes after riding for 50 minutes anyway, what’s the harm in getting a little wet?

Golden Gate Bridge and reflection from Crissy Field
Here’s a view of the bridge from Crissy Field this morning

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