The art wall grows

At this point, I’m not yet sure if this is a wall for art, or a wall of art, but either way, I like it.

Placemats on the art wall

While shopping for Christmas presents at Kindred in Santa Rosa last month, I stumbled upon these beautiful placemats handmade out of recycled newspaper. Feeling that their aesthetics transcended their intended purpose, I decided to hang them on the wall.

Woven recycled newspaper placemat as art

I believe they were made by Filipino women as part of an cooperative organization that:

helps women work together in groups, obtain government help in skills training, buy raw materials, provide an access to low interest loans to capitalize the industry and obtain titles to their land.


I just watched some crafty home maker rich husband lady make placemats out of old miniblinds!
see here:,2025,DIY_13766_5000831,00.html

Justin, time for a new post!


Maybe his weblog has run its course and this is the end of it.

Whoa, a few days pass, and my blog is officially pronounced dead. Ha! Check the comments of the latest neatlink.


Go Filipinos! Yahhh =)

Those are pretty awesome. I definately like this. ^_^ And Kindred in Santa Rosa is SUCH an amazing store. Some of the best pottery I’ve ever seen.


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