At the end of the long tail of my blog

I compiled a list of the least popular posts I’ve written in the last year, and not surprisingly, 8 out of 10 were from November and December, not having had enough time to gestate in the belly of Google.

So I decided to correct for that by grabbing the least popular post from each month of the year.

January: On Inspiration (51)
A vehicle to post a quote I liked from the Bob Moog documentary.

February: The indomitable Mt. St. Helena (81)
My second attempt up the mountain—with lots of nice photos.

March: Katie in California (67)
Brief announcement that my sister had arrived, including a picture of the bay bridge traffic we sat in.

April: Marking up blog post updates semantically (33)
I like this post, I’m surprised it hasn’t gotten greater traction. I still think people should use and style the <ins> tag more often.

May: Persistence of Memory (33)
Pretty cool closeup of crosswalk paint, imho.

June: President Bush misuses the word “war” (22)
…among other things.

July: Americans’ Shallow Agenda (49)
The failed Republican agenda to push the country back decades.

August: Laundry! (14)
Cameraphone pic of my clothes in the laundry.

September: A view from above (15)
Birdseye view of our apartment building from above, courtesy of Microsoft.

October: Angel Island in the morning (16)
Cameraphone pics: not popular.

November: Clouds over San Francisco (6)
Ibid. But cool shot nonetheless.

December: In Austin over the holidays (9)
Yeah, umm, posted on Christmas Eve.

It’s interesting that even my least popular posts have gotten upwards of 30-80 views while just hanging out on the internet for a year.

Several are just photos (some from my cameraphone), which suggests I shouldn’t start a moblog any time soon. Funny that my post on how to Get photos off your cell phone without paying Sprint $15 a month is one the most popular of the year with over 12,000 views.

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