The indomitable Mt. St. Helena

Hiked up Mt. St. Helena in Robert Louis Stevenson State Park with Marcia and Leona yesterday afternoon.

It’s a 5 mile hike to the top, the first time I went with Christy and Marcus we made it to the south peak, with about 1.7 miles remaining to the higher north peak. This time we made it another mile further, but turned around, fearing lack of daylight for the trek down the gravely fire road. All in all we were tromping around for three and a half hours, which is pretty good in my book.

Winter in Northern California is like spring everywhere else I’ve lived. It rains a lot and everything turns green. And something tells me (I hope) that the worst of the rain is behind us.

The view towards Calistoga
The view towards Calistoga
Mt. St. Helena dusky mountains
As the afternoon progressed, the mountains in the distance reminded me of the landscapes from Last of the Mohicans
Mt. St. Helena dusky mountains
More dusky mountains

It always pays to look back at what the other photographers are taking pictures of.

dusky mountains moonrise
A perfectly framed moon rising between the trees
One of my favorite shots, a milky sunset from Mt. St. Helena
One of my favorite shots, a milky sunset

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