In Austin over the holidays

On Saturday Stephanie and I took a bus, a train, a plane, and a car to get to Austin.

In the air 50 miles northwest of Cedar City, UT
Above southwest Utah, about 50 miles northwest of Cedar City

Now we’re here for barely three and a half days, so we’re doing our best to pack in the cooking and eating! Yesterday was lasagna, today chowder in bread bowl (dad’s Christmas present), tomorrow chicken cordon bleu, Tuesday a fancy dinner at Cool River Southwestern Grille. Crazy to think it’s been a year since seeing my mom and brother. We’ve all had a busy year.

Off to do some more cooking, chocolate sausages are on the menu!

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If we go again next year, I will totally get in touch. I’m kicking myself for not remembering you were from there! Here are our pics.


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