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The Bohemian's Best of the North Bay 2006Find the most recent copy of your local independent paper’s “Best of” issue.

Most independent papers put out this sort of thing once a year, and very often they’re nominated and voted on by readers, which I think really exposes an area’s collective experience.

In Santa Rosa there’s the North Bay Bohemian (whose “Best of” issue I didn’t think to track down after moving here last May—that’s alright, I found plenty to do). This year, however, I held onto a copy of the 2006 Best of issue (which came out back in March when I was otherwise preoccupied) and finally had a chance to flip through it.

I ended up taking notes. Lots of them. Mostly about restaurants and other food-related things. Here’s a list of places I’m looking forward to trying out.


Village Bakery
7225 Healdsburg Ave, Sebastopol

Wild Flour Bread Bakery
140 Bohemian Hwy, Freestone

Bouchon Bakery
6528 Washington St., Yountville

(more bakery info here)


Royal Frankfurter
811 4th St, San Rafael

Applewood Inn
Community Night Dinner Tue/Wed 3 courses $18.50

Silverado Brewing Company Best Local Burger, Best Local Brew Pub, Best Local Bartender, Best Local Spot to Dine Alone, Best Local Inexpensive Dinner
3020 N St. Helena Hwy, St Helena

Willow Wood Market and Cafe – Best Brunch, Best Local Spot to Dine Alone, Best Local Outdoor Dining, Best Local Dining After 10pm (dizzam, what’s going on in Graton?) Update: that last one is not true. They close at 9:30pm!

Pamposh Fine Indian – Best Local Restaurant, Best Local Indian (pshaw, what about Annapurna!)
52 Mission Circle, Santa Rosa

John Ash & Co – Best Local Chef, Best Local Place to Blow the Rent (never even heard of this place)
4330 Barnes Rd, Santa Rosa

Bistro V – Best Local French (shoot, their website is powered by WordPress, def going there)
2295 Gravenstein Hwy S, Sebastopol

Lucas Wharf – Best Local Seafood
Bodega Bay

Willi’s Wine Bar – Best Local Wine List
4404 Old Redwood Highway Santa Rosa

Las Palmas Taqueria – Spicy Shrimp Tacos
415 Santa Rosa Ave

Things to do

Napa Valley Model Railroad at the Napa Valley Expo (Friday 7pm-midnight)
575 Third Street, Napa

Osmosis Enzyme Bath and Massage – Best Local Day Spa
209 Bohemian Hwy, Freestone


Out West Garage
321 Second St, Petaluma


Annapurna isn’t Indian food, dude.

If you want a food buddy, you know who to call. (I mean me, in case that wasn’t clear)

Also, the people demand a picture of you in a blanket. I know of one.

The people’s demand has been answered. Here is the aforementioned “blanket photo”.


Marcia is correctomundo. Annapurna is Himalayan food…and kickass food to boot. You like Thai food? You need to add Thai Orchid in Healdsburg to your list. YUM. Osmosis rocks. The enzyme bath sounds funky and weird but is really niftykeen. Their massages therapists generally rock as well. You could make an amazing weekend trip to the coast like so: Take Bodega Hwy out to Freestone, enjoying the view along the way. Stop at Wild Flour and drool over the amazing bread and sticky buns the size of your head. Purchase several loaves of your choice and maybe some biscotti. Continue down bodega hwy towards the coast. Stop at the Lucas Wharf Deli (or is it The Tides?) and pick up some clam chowder and maybe some meat or cheese and a drink. Continue your drive along the coast with its amazing scenery. Drive to Bodega Head, park car. Now you can either eat in the car and then walk around, or take your food with you out onto the trail area and eat, then enjoy the fact that you are now on another continental plate. At the end of your day, head back, stopping at Osmosis for a massage and enzyme bath. Whoot. -TravelTipsKat PS: is your friend. (:


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