The aforementioned “blanket photo”

Last weekend Joy and Kyle had a lovely Memorial Day barbeque, complete with smoked ribs, smoked chicken drumsticks, grilled corn, homemade barbeque sauce, and more sides than I can remember to name here.

Petaluma has some curious weather, predominantly affected by what the locals call the Petaluma Wind Gap—which apparently causes wind and fog to rush in from the ocean during summer evenings, faster than it does through the surrounding areas. This is good for the grapes, but that night it meant the wind began gusting over the hill that is Joy and Kyle’s backyard.

Kyle kindly brought out some blankets and wrapped one around me. Joy donated her hair clip, and Stephanie used it to secure the blanket around me—which was actually necessary under these extreme conditions to keep the blanket from blowing away. Meanwhile I continued to lick the barbeque sauce off my fingers. A little less shivery.

Justin wrapped in a blanket at Joy and Kyle's Memorial Day barbeque


Yay! That needs to be your bio photo for something some day. Book jacket photo?

Awwww… adorable!


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