Justinsomnia refreshed

So what’s different?

Say goodbye to the design christened by Jackie as “Justin’s pumpkin patch.”

Blog screenshot before redesign during October 2005


VERY nice, Justin. Looks great, and incredibly functional. I particularly dig the new header (thin and useful).

Great job.

Nice improvements. Always a pleasure to visit your site, Justin.

I like it. My only suggestion would be to make the name box bigger in your comment form.

Looks great! New header is hawt.

thanks all. jackson, good point. done.

Oops, minor bug, the index page was only displaying 2 posts. Previously I had it showing 10, and it was growing kind of long. Let’s try 5.

I must admit I’d shifted purely to RSS to kind of get “out of the patch”. The new design is well worth stealing from. Way to go Justin.


yay, no more pumpkins. but the color remains. Can we expect any adjustments on the beige/orange front?

WillR, sorry the patch scared you off. So good to see you blogging, btw, good luck in the elections.

Jackie, but beige (#dda) and orange (#c60) are like my sekret sauce. If they were some other colors it wouldn’t be Justinsomnia.


I agree with Jackie the color needs a change too.

Thanks Justin. Hey, I still read, just through a “scanner darkly” (Sage+my secret mods AND RSS).


problem–I can’t scroll down to see the most recent comments. the scrolling just stops at the end of the post itself.

Jackie, you have inadvertantly outed yourself as an IE user. I presume at work…?

In any event big thanks for catching that. What you described is a known bug in Internet Explorer described here: IE/Win Unscrollable Content Bug.

I hate hate hate CSS hacks to please IE, but in fact I employed several semi-hacks to force FF to obey max-width while IE obeyed width on my pages. Plus this fix was simple.

Thanks again.

is the ‘j’ capital now?

yep, cap-J looked better in the header.


It works now. And yes, I am at work, on not just IE, but shitty years-old IE. I get a new computer next week. Maybe my new computer and monitor will be the same color!

You can’t download Firefox? Have they locked down the computers? Have we already had this conversation?

Looks great! I love the comments on the side, they are so much more accessible and integrated into the post.

If you guys think the colors are bad now, check out my site design circa 2003.

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