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WordPress logoWell, this is my first native-Wordpress post. I spent the better part of the week figuring out WP1.5’s theme system, importing posts from Blogger and Haloscan, and trying to “reconstruct” something that looked like the blog I already had. How did I do all this? I’m saving that for another post.

I’m still using Blogger for my neatlinks sidebar–their BlogThis feature (which I’ve previously modified) is pretty useful, and popular opinion suggests that WP doesn’t understand the concept of multiple semi-integrated blogs. So I’m avoiding that for now. Note to self: consider stealing Matt Haughey’s “daily links” concept.

Unlike neatlinks, the comments for justinsomnia are now integrated in with the post, which I like. I’m using the LiveCommentPreview plugin to preview the comments in real time as you type. Is this a good idea? I don’t know. But I had fun hacking around with the source and then contributing the revisions back to author using TortoiseSVN.

If you notice broken site stuff (other than the “writing” link above) leave me a comment.

In other news, I’ll be heading out to San Diego on Sunday to attend the O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference all next week. Patrick will be there, Paul Jones will be there, the entire cast and crew of BoingBoing will be there, and I’m told Mexico is near by. Other than that, I’ve got no plans other than geeking out unabashedly with everyone who’s not going to SXSW.



You have a bit of a bleed on columns and I don’t like this real time shit. It’s jiggly.

Justin, are you too cool to label the fields on your comment form? I like the preview, I actually tried to use it on my blog, but it didn’t work.

Have fun at e-tech! I was there last year for the “emerging democracy” thingie the day before e-tech. With registration starting around $1,000, it’s not very welcoming for nonprofits.

I *swear* I will go to South by Southwest next year! There’s only so long you can stand yearning for something (as I do for SXSW) until you either shit or get off the pot.

Welcome to WordPress! I think you’ll like it here. I’ve still not quite got a handle on the theme system, but I’m sure that you can set up semi-integrated blogs if you wish. From using one WP install to run two different blogs to using the “Pages” feature somehow, I’m sure it can be done.

As previously mentioned, I’m terribly jealous of everyone going to O’Reilly. How did you guys swing that entrance fee?

Have fun in San Diego…the Gaslamp district is quite cool, and there are TONS of good restaurants you’ll enjoy while you’re there.

Katie, column bleed? Come again? Are you using Firefox? Things look good to me, but like I said, the tandem editing interface is, well… I’d rather there be a popup preview or something.

Yeah, etcon is no small investment. Patrick got his work to foot the bill, and I’m going as academic staff (early bird discount+25% off) using freq flyer miles to get there, and rooming with Patrick for most of the week.

I’m considering this trip a vacation.

excellent theme hack, maybe you’d like some more experience on ours? ;)

the livetype thing is neat, but i find it a bit distracting to see it ghosting what i write. it would be useful in making sure that any HTML i put into a post gets interpreted correctly though.

I think maybe I’ll modify it with a preview button that “updates” the preview rather than having it update on every “onkeyup” event. Except adding a new button makes it less plug-in-able.

Yeah! San Diego! That’s where I’m from, well, Imperial Beach, to be exact, way down south next to Mexico. If you decide to go to the beach at all while you are there, that’s the one I recommend, as it’s pretty representative of non-touristy California beach towns.

Be careful in Tijuana, especially on Avenida de Revolucion, where all the crazy bars are… The trolley goes directly from downtown SD to the border, which is pretty cool if you don’t want to drive in Mexico.

But most of all, have fun at the conference. That sounds way cool.


I think the green curly thingy makes your site look a little bit “justin’s pumpkin patch”

robin, thanks for the tips. if you (or anyone else) has suggestions regarding things to do, see, or eat (especially) please feel free to comment liberally.

jackie: is that good or bad?

I went to a conference in San Diego 2 years ago. If you really like lots of beer on tap and the food is great too, I would recommend Yard House. It’s a chain, but I had a great time. Tijuana is dirty and touristy.

Nice conversion, and make the most of your trip west. My offer of lunch this week should still be good when you return.

anton: should? :) hehe. my fingers are crossed.

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