Saturday in Seattle

While Chloe was at ballet, Randy, Christy, and I got donuts at the Top Pot in Capitol Hill and then went walking around some of Seattle’s more charming houses. We picked Chloe when she was done and made a quick stop at an outdoor market for some things, including smoked salmon—which I really must try again, it was wonderful.

Headed back downtown for some touristing at the Pike Place Market, complete with the famous fish tossing I remember having seen on The Real World. Found a store that sold nothing but old magazine advertisments. Wandered around Pioneer Square and stopped in the Elliott Bay Book Company where I bought my first moleskine.

The real treat was getting to take a harbor tour on the Spirit of Seattle, one of the ships Randy pilots for Argosy Cruises. The rare weather offered some breaks in the clouds so I took scads of pictures. Here’s one Randy took of Christy, Chloe, and me in front of Seattle Space Needle.

On the Spirit of Seattle with Christy, Chloe, and Justin

Here’s a view of the downtown city skyline as we approached the pier to dock.

Seattle's downtown city skyline

After the tour we left Randy behind, he was scheduled to pilot the next cruise that evening. So Christy, Chloe and I went out in search of dinner, but not before stopping to see the quintessential view of Seattle, just as the sun was setting.

Seattle's city skyline with Space Needle

Stopped at Thai Tom along The Ave (UW’s Franklin Street) to order takeout, which I’m told should make Patrick green with envy. And it was damn good. We were thinking about you buddy, have a plate of pulled pork for us.

After dinner Christy and I went out to hear some more bluegrass, a local band called The Tall Boys, consisting of 4 dudes and a rockin’ female tap dancer for percussion. Apparently this is the thing. Makes me wish I’d learned to hoedown during my time in North Carolina. It’s never too late to dosey-do I ‘spose.


Smoked salmon is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. I looove smoked salmon, OMG. Sounds like you’re having so much fun in Seattle! I love Seattle!


Damn!…. I love that effin’ place…


You look kind of…older than last time I saw you. Did you lose weight?

ha, that’s kind, but probably not :(


I think he looks great. Comfortable in his own skin…

Justin, you’re always cute, but, more importantly, great pictures! Looks like a wonderful time was had by all.


Awesome pics. I hope to make it out there someday.

Gorgeous pictures!

And I’m so jealous you got to hang out with those gorgeous women as well….

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