Blogger or Zinester?

The hot topic at Webzine was videoblogging (aka vlogging), which is funny because video as a medium seems about as far from the traditional print ‘zines as one can get. Behold the synergizing power of the internets.

Thus some of the videobloggers at the conference had set up a studio in the spirit of a Real World™ confessional booth—complete with a green screen and everything. But being the shy text blogger that I am, I wasn’t going out of my way to speak in front of a camera. Except that in the middle of a panel on podcasting someone nabbed me–she was tall and blond–and I found myself trying to construct coherent sentences in front of a camera lens (about whatever I wanted) while the discussion was booming below.

Tonight I discovered the end result. I was included in a compilation of several other confessors from Webzine. Click the thumbnail below to see my 42 seconds of fame.

Justin in Meet the Zinesters

What I said:

My name is Justin Watt and my URL is I’m a personal blogger. I also do web production for O’Reilly Media in Sebastopol, California. I recently moved to California from North Carolina. Blogging is a great way to keep in touch with family members and friends. I got started back in college, talking about things that I was reading online in other blogs. There are a lot of conversations you can have with people who are right in front of you. There are a lot of conversations you can have with people who are out in the world in other places, other times. Blogs are a great way to have an asynchronous conversation. That’s me.

The best part is, they replaced the green screen behind me with a screenshot of my blog! Which happens to show my liveblogging post of the Webzine conference. How meta!



Neat. Very Neat.

And don’t you look cute! And she (tall, blond) is pretty hot…
Sounds like a fun conference. Looks like you’ve become not just a blogster, but a scenester.

Well, if you weren’t a rock star before, you are now! ;-)


Justin, you are so cute! :) Nice to see you and hear you at the same time again.

When I was being recorded, I just felt really goofy. I’m glad “cuteness” is what comes across. :)


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