Lamburgers, yeah!

Today after work I made lamburgers with Marcia, my willing participant in alternative ground meat experiments. After that we went out into the Santa Rosa night life which pretty much meant we stopped at Tex Wasabis, the Southern BBQ Sushi place that’s like ground zero of the SR social scene or so I’m told. After a mojito and watching the other bargoers do variations on the Irish Car Bomb, we headed back, only to find the lights still on at Annapurna, the Nepalese restaurant near my apartment. Marcia still had an appetite, so we followed up the lamburgers with a garlic cilantro nan and a vegetable curry of mushrooms and peas called chyau kerau. Yummy. Full.

Now I’m tired. No revelations lately. Working on several site design projects at work. Probably going to hit the Sonoma County Harvest Fair this weekend and go down to the city for Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in Golden Gate Park.

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