i’m always inspired to write on location

the thoughts flow. i wonder why i don’t bring a moleskine with me where ever i go. probably cause i don’t have a moleskine. but i always have a pen. pilot v5 extra fine. always. thankfully right now i have a napkin. somewhere i was reading that writing is the loneliest occupation. or was it reading? or both? i think it was in that interview with Chuck Palahniuk.

i like weird. it calms me. tonight i walked over to a vegetarian buffet restaurant called govinda’s. the food reminded me of the free hare krishna meals on campus that i avoided. vegetable curry. rice. pasta with a pesto sauce. salad. who knows maybe it’s even a chain. the logo is very professional, as is the dining room decor. there’s lucky bamboo on every table.

behind govinda’s is the community market, which i discovered online while searching for things to do in santa rosa. but you can’t see it from mendocino, the main north-south strip, so driving by i wasn’t sure if it existed anymore. it reminds me of weaver street market in carrboro, without all the hustle and bustle. it’s just a natural foods market with the same weird healthy stuff that feels familiar and exotic to me. fruits and vegetables, european butter, tofu-based everything, tahini galore, items for sale in bulk, quorn and amy’s and garden of eatin’. no meat that i could identify.

i will be grocery shopping there this weekend.



I’m enjoying your musings here….
I think the best part about being a writer is the solitude. I don’t get enough solitude, therefore I hardly find myself writing these days. It feels good to be the kind of person that is happy to be alone– writing, wandering and observing. It’s like being drunk and happy…..
That Govinda place sounds awful. I’ve decided I pretty much dislike Indian food now. It’s the only food that annoys me, actually. I hate the way they make it here in the states. I don’t much like the sauce and rice thing either. God it makes my belly feel crummy.

actually the food at Govinda’s wasn’t half bad.

hmm, indian food is probably my favorite food in the world! but i haven’t had any since moving to santa rosa. i’m a big fan of the classic chicken tikka masala, but i’ll eat just about anything.


Ok, what got me to dislike Indian food is that crap they put in jars and/or plastic bags and call “chicken Tika Masala” at Trader Joes. My friend cooks that stuff up and throws it on anything and it just makes me wanna gag…..I am a lover of fresh foods–the raw foods and slow foods trend right now is somewhat appealing to me because of the fresh factor. I like texture…crunchy juicy and fresh is the way forward for me. I am the exception…that I know.
Have you ever tried Vietnamese? I loove the “bun” salads the best…It’s inexpensive stuff, as well.

I am a friend of Robin’s and have read your blog on her recommendation a couple of times. I live in Ukiah and absolutely love Community Market. I don’t get down there too often, but my visits are always pleasant.

ha, i checked out a trader joes a few weeks ago and was totally unprepared for the trader joes experience. i just wanted a few specific things, bean sprouts in particular i think, and they didn’t have them, and i realized i’d need to dedicate like three hours some weekend to acclimate myself.

now i know to steer clear of the tikka masala though. i’d rather go to an indian restaurant for the chicken tikka and nan any day.

sunny, thanks for stopping by. i’ve had vichy springs recommended to me up near ukiah. hopefully i’ll have a chance to do some more northern california exploring so i can head up that way.

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