Free Peoples at Mojo’s

I stayed late because I was working on some Perl code I wanted to get functional. No such luck. And also because Dave at work mentioned a concert at a little restaurant called Mojo’s just outside of Sebastopol. The headlining band was a local act called Free Peoples supposedly on the verge of hitting it big.

Give me an event and an unencumbered night and I’m there. What he didn’t tell me was that Mojo’s served BBQ and Cajun/Creole food. I’m thinking I really need to pace myself with all this BBQ out here. I really had no idea how much there’d be. After all the huffing and puffing about “the one true BBQ” in North Carolina, it was actually a challenge to find a good plate of pulled pork in Chapel Hill. Required either a drive to the Barbecue Joint out on Weaver Dairy or a field trip to Bullock’s in Durham, where sadly, I only ate 2 or 3 times.

Out here, I may have to refuse perfectly respectable BBQ just to keep things interesting. Anyway, Mojo’s had a shorter special event menu with a Memphis-style pulled pork BBQ sandwich with cole slaw, shrimp etouffee, crawfish monica, and a few other things. I figured, start with the BBQ since this was going to be a stand up affair and come back another night for the etouffee.

There were two different opening acts, the first I barely caught and the second I really liked. He was just this youngish guy and his guitar and this warbly old timey voice, sounding kind of like Sam Beam or Sufjan Stevens. I think the dude’s name was Jay Styles or something like that. Afterwards, Free Peoples came on and played two sets, one as the sun was setting and the fog rolled in, bringing temps down to the mid-50’s, and then a second set after dark that was a little more subdued. I’d describe them as a funky version of Santana with a little jam band thrown in.

A few other folks from work showed up, and I think a lovely time was had by all.

Tomorrow night: the Sonoma County Fair.


Look at how much fun you are having! I got back into town yesterday and had a tremendously long day at work (doesn’t help that I drove home from Williamsburg that very morning and then had a 10-hour work day to boot). I’m glad you’re having a good time.

I’ll agree that the BBQ Joint was tasty, but I was always a fan of Allen & Sons. Call me crazy, but I miss me some good NC BBQ. ’round here all I get is Memphis style.


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