Straddling the fence between open source and Microsoft

Uh-oh, looks like we have some work to do:

Next… for some odd reason, I’m feeling more and more MSFT-Patriotic as of late. One thorn I’m really beginning to get tired of, strangely enough, is O’Reilly media. Ever since I was a long-haired Unix geek I relied on O’Reilly. But I’m just getting tired of their begrudging support of Microsoft while at the same time snarking at us from their blogs and conventions. Annoyed with us? Then do us a favor and don’t go publishing anymore Microsoft-centric titles and make money elsewhere. As soon as I can find a reliable publisher that does as good a job of editing and producing texts, I’m switching. I really regret ever dollar now I spend towards buying an O’Reilly book when there’s not a quality alternative. —Mini-Microsoft

All I have to add is it’s not necessarily a requirement to love something in order to support it. That would be preferable, but it’s not always an option.

This post first appeared on From the Belly of the Beasts, a weblog from some of the people who build O’Reilly websites.

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