BetterBlogThis version 2

BetterBlogThis is based on blogger’s BlogThis bookmarklet with the following modifications:

version 2 adds the following new features:

BetterBlogThis (drag this link to your links toolbar)

to set a default blog:

edit BetterBlogThis’s URL/Location by right-clicking on the bookmark, selecting properties, and changing the initial xxxxxx to the blog ID of the blog you want to be your default.

read blogger’s what is my blog ID number? for info on how to find your blog ID numbers.

for details on how i did this, read hacking blogthis.

update: works in IE now


Thanks for hacking the blogthis! code– the Google toolbar button no longer works properly, and I was in blogthis! withdrawal until I found your post. Your version1 code worked famously, but I am sad to say that I cannot make v2 work in my IE browser. I have tried replacing the xxxxxxx with my blogid, and the button still won’t do anything when I click it. The code will execute when I click the link on your page, but will not work in my browser as a link button or a favorite. I’m sure you have better things to do than support this code, but I think this is such a nifty improvement that I will check back to see if there is a fix for this issue.
Thanks for sharing this improvement with us!

wow. i’m honestly stumped. the particular code that is breaking IE on the toolbar is a vanilla if-statement:

if (blogID==’xxxxxx’) {blogID=”;}

we have a winner:

Internet Explorer 6 for Windows suffers from an infuriating 508-character limit on the size of bookmark

number of charaters in BetterBlogThis verson 2: 539

number of characters in BetterBlogThis verson 2.1: 501


I sure appreciate your digging into this. Another concrete reason to ditch IE. Thanks again for your time.

This is good stuff. Do you have a way to turn off the new rich editing mode of BlogThis?


Andrew, when I use BetterBlogThis, it remembers whatever mode I last posted in.

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