watching unc beat duke

while six of our crew experienced the unc-duke game at the dean dome (tim wearing a tarheel-styled mexican wrestler mask), abe, jane, erik, and i watched the nailbiter at carlie and todd’s house, replete with chips, dips, carrots, and trail mix.

i was on my toes for the last several minutes. and it all came down to a second unc free throw that bounced off the rim, was recovered by unc, and followed up by a 2-point shot that brought us into the lead by 1 point with only seconds left in the game. duke fouled unc on the shot, we brought the lead to 75-73, and duke was unable to respond.

this graph of the score over the course of the game (courtesy of espn) pretty accurately conveys how close and hard fought it was, how unc dominated in the beginning of the second half, lost their lead, and then totally came from behind to win the game. it’s a beautiful information visualization.

unc vs. duke, march 2005, game flow

after the game, we got ourselves together, made it to franklin street to watch some nascent bonfires, and then spent the majority of the night at linda’s, drinking and eating and talking about what happened.



you need to swtich those colors round. it’s my birthday.

sorry I missed it

did you get to see the game patrick? it was great, worth seeing again.

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