$895 of PAIN

last night when i finished checking my email, i slid my new laptop under the bed to prevent anything falling or stepping on it. i then proceeded to lean across my bed to plug the alarm clock back in (the plug had fallen out of the wall), and my foot caught the edge of the laptop and i stepped on it.

i heard a snapping noise, i assumed it was just from lid hitting against the base, and i went to bed.

this morning i woke up late and decided to check to see if i had any work emails, and i discovered a plus-shaped crack in the upper-right of the screen with a few bleeding pixels. brand new laptop less than a month old with a beautiful 14″ screen, marred by my clumsy foot.

estimated cost for repairs: $895. just thinking about feels like having the wind knocked out of me, repeatedly.

photo of laptop crack and dead pixels

as you can see, it looks much worse with the winxp blue background than just plain white. i count about 100 dead pixels (out of 1,470,000).

update: make that $495 of pain. after getting quoted prices like $895 for the replacement and repair from ibm, and $700+ labor from UNC, i decided to do a little searching around (ebay, google) and discovered that there are some outfits that sell just the LCD screens–you know for people like me who step on theirs.

after doing some research into the guts of my laptop, i discovered LCDS 4 LESS had the screen for my laptop at a much reduced though still painful cost of $495. they also said it only takes about 15 minutes to install. so i’m going to do it myself, and then probably put up the busted but working LCD panel on ebay.

update: see replacing a laptop lcd screen for my write-up of the process.





ARRRRGHHHH! In all my years of computing I have yet to break or drop one of these things. Now I feel certian that a family omen is out and about and I’ve got to be extra careful. I feel terrible for you.


owww…. that truly does hurt… crap.


it justs makes me cringe reading this post.

I laughed my ass off…


aren’t you under warranty?

lcd screen damage, inflicted by the owner, is not covered.

oh, those bastards

Hint: maybe too late now, but ALWAYS add your laptop to your home/renters insurance. It costs nearly nothing (a few $ a month) and will cover everything. Mine got damaged during the move, and the insurance covered it….it even has a specific clause for “owner caused” damage. Check it out.

note to self: get renters insurance.


And to think you are going to sell it… it deserves a proper funeral. *Sobbing*


ahh man, i remember, i had an old dell c610 latitude notebook and i accidentally shot it (with my brothers air soft, i was trying to shoot my brother but missed and i nailed my notebook, but since the notebook was soo outdated it only cost me like $50.


My Toshiba satellite got run over by my girls car and still works but the screen is cracked in a million peices,
I left it behind her car in my breifcase, and forgot about it. I’ve ordered a new screen off ebay…expecting it today, will keep you posted


i have an older ibm thinkpad t40 that was given to me but i cant get the screen to work so i was wondering if any one that can help me get it running


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