i woke up late this morning

the alarm clock plug had fallen out of the outlet. i got up, opened the windows. the light coming in is getting yellower as the colors of the leaves change. i was surprised last spring how much darker my bedroom gets when the trees have leaves. i may need to get thicker blinds for winter.

i showered and brushed my teeth. put on some clothes, grabbed a granola bar, and put my laptop in my backpack. i got on my bike and started riding towards work. the air is getting cooler. i may need to stop wearing shorts and start wearing pants.

my office was very cold for most of the day. my fingers are particularly vulnerable working on a computer. i am thinking of bringing in an indoor thermometer so i can graph the temperature of my office from day to day. then again, a piece of cardboard covering up the vent would probably be more effective.

before i left for california i noticed some very fine cobwebs and infinitesimally small bugs on a few leaves of the ivy plant in my office window. i think they are aphids or spider mites. this morning i noticed some of the leaves had fallen off. i guess i should buy some kind of insecticide to spray on them.

at work i wrote sql queries and php code for measure’s financial system.

on the way home i stopped at cd alley to buy some cds. it would be perfect if they had wireless internet so i could listen to cds while checking email and researching bands. my life needs more music, downloading be damned. i’m not sure if what i just wrote means i will be downloading music or i won’t. i meant it to mean i will. i am loving the new modest mouse and death cab for cutie.

had a morningstar philly cheesesteak veggie burger for dinner with two thick sourdough pretzels and a glass of fruit punch. immediately put on a cd, started downloading and listening to music until almost 11pm. then went for a run.



You went for a run, tell me more… where do you run, for how long,…

i haven’t run for so long that i feel like i’m going to puke after a short while. i feel like the mucous and saliva i spit out along the way tastes like blood.

right now i’m running up greensboro street, then down hillsborough street to main street, then down weaver street back to greensboro street to home. takes about 30-40 minutes.


mmm… pretzels.


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