gut-check time!

oh my god, the debate last night was SO awesome.

my friend casey lives in berkeley in a house with 5 other people, all of whom brought friends over to watch the debate and drink beer. after working all day, we stopped at the berkeley bowl to pick up some fixins for guacamole and dropped in on their debate watching party.

i’ve never really seen john kerry speak, and i avoid watching bush struggling to communicate at all costs, so this was a real eye-opener for me. damn though, i was seriously impressed with kerry. i’ve been underwhelmed by the completely unprogressive nature of his campaign, and so i kind of wrote him off. but he definitely displayed a persuasive command of the campaign issues and demonstrated he could think on his feet and be charismatic at the same time.

bush, on the other hand, does not have the mental capacity to be president, and i’m vehemently opposed to the ideology of his war-machine administration. so he can go suck eggs.

anyway, imagine 10-15 people sitting around a tv drinking beers and watching this debate like it was a major sporting event. everyone was watching seriously, and then there’d be some incredible put down or in your face comment and we’d be like howling and stomping our feet on the floor. or at least i’d be like that. it was fun. hella fun.

peace out to my west coast homies.



oh my god: your debate experience sounds EXACTLY THE SAME as mine. About ten people, all anti bush, making jokes and yelling at the TV. And the debate was EXCELLENT!! I thought Kerry knocked it out of the park, but that’s just me.



interesting how you see what you want to see… over here in IL we were impressed with Bush.

impressed compared to his atrocious (apparently, i didn’t exactly see it) preformance at the first debate? i agree with that. good enough to be the president? well, my blog post pretty much underscored my inherent bias. :)

How anyone could be impressed with Bush’s performance…..

I liked Kerry’s statement that he would be a president who believes in SCIENCE.

Anyway, it’s so cool you went to Berkeley Bowl! That’s my favorite grocery store. I should have asked you to pick up some of the store brand coffee for me, alas.


I thought you were in the Kentucky/Tenn area…

melanie was in chicago visiting her sister.


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