today i woke up somewhat earlier

i pressed snooze many times. it seemed like the alarm was going off every 5 minutes. i got up around 10am and showered. i brought my cd player upstairs to listen to the modest mouse cd while i shaved. i turned it up so i could hear it over the shaver.

i put on an extra jacket in case the weather stayed cold. i felt like i looked good, with my collar poking out over my jacket.

my computer at work wouldn’t boot. so i started working on my laptop, first a creative project and then some financial stuff. the sql queries that i had written were saved on the crashed computer, so i tried to recreate them with varying success. i did most of my work sitting with my laptop in the common area by the windows at the back of the building. i had my headphones on, and i listened to the music i’ve recently been downloading.

i called patrick to see if he wanted to go mountain biking or roller hockeying. i grabbed two more cds at cd alley and put one on when i got home. patrick came over and we roller hockeyed until it got too dark to see the ball.

patrick wanted to take me to get pissed. we went to the spotted dog and had dinner and many many many pints. we manged to watch poker and nearly a whole yankees-red sox baseball game. hours later we wandered back and (with luck) patrick drove himself home safely. i think we got much more than pissed. patrick, thanks.

i’m listening to the new iron and wine cd as i type this. many of the people who have reviewed the cd said the songs made them cry. i wonder if any song i’ve listened to has made me cry. i bought it on an impulse. it’s the kind of music i would rock a baby to.


That’s not my definition of pissed.…ctionary/pissed


pissed: what happens to people at happy hour right?

i think that matches my understanding better too. glad to know you made it home alright.


Justin is thinking about rocking babies? I liked your mention of turning up the music over your shaver to hear it. That makes me happy.

it’s the type of music i would imagine someone would want to rock a baby to.


just in case you’re still looking for new bands, here’s a few more i like and that you might enjoy (forgive me if you already have some of them): calexico, jim guthrie, the fruit bats, amon tobin, sam phillips and the be good tanyas. the last two are folk, sort of the same vein as gillian welch.

anyway, enjoy.


oh, and just because some of those guys have some crappy cd’s, here are my favorite albums for each:

calexico: a feast of wires
jim guthrie: now, more than ever
the fruit bats: mouthfuls
amon tobin: bricolage
sam phillips: the fan dance
the be good tanyas: blue horse (but you’d probably prefer chinatown)

ryan: cool thanks.


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