food work food work

just sitting on my bed in my hotel room. exhausted!

made up for missing happy hour by having an excellent dinner at the very posh, very swank slanted door in san francisco. tried two different unfiltered belgium beers. had pork and shrimp spring rolls and dungeness crab appetizers. for dinner: carmelized shrimp, baked whole fish (i forget what kind) deboned at the table, and two vegetable entrees (sweet white corn and sauteed spinach), which we shared “family style” over white rice.

dark chocolate pot de creme for desert (imagine: chilled chocolate souffle) and the waiter brought us out another desert (cause he liked us so much) which was like a fancy passionfruit/berry shortcake. loveliness all around.

god, i love my work. wait, wait, i haven’t said anything about work: yes, so i woke up at 6:30am this morning to get to our co-worker’s house at 8am in the event that we needed to call ghana. turns out just last night ghana sent us responses to some issues we sent them more than a month ago. so we spent all morning going over their responses, planning follow up questions, and strategizing for our trip there next month.

lunch was roasted yellow bell pepper sandwiches with manchego cheese and a butter lettuce and avocado salad.

and then right back to work.



you must have been rolling out of the restraunt….sounds delicious

Wow, it moved! I never got to eat there but it used to be over in the Mission on Valencia near 17th Street. Sounds tasty, I’m jealous. For Vietnamese, the much more ghetto Tu Lan is also quite a treat, in a much different way…

yes, apparently the old location was smaller, more intimate. the ferry building location seemed modern and airy, almost sleek.

and the ferry building is awesome, with amazing gourmet shops each specializing in breads, cheeses, mushrooms, vegetables, wines, etc.


work?! whatever! all you do is eat! ;o)


I’m at the public library with your gradnfather reading your latest weblog post, the found sound delicious, and we’re salivating over the meals you’ve had.


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