off to cali

so i’m heading to california tomorrow to do some work on the project that previously sent me to kazakhstan, cambodia, and tanzania.

this time i’m going to be working on a set of health and policy indicators for west africa, and i’ll be building (modifying actually) a database to hold and track the data collected for those indicators over a number of years. i’m traveling to california because the person who has been leading the project is currently very pregnant, and thus unable to fly.

then in november i’ll be traveling to accra, ghana to customize the system and train people how to use it.

i’m going with a co-worker who has a few friends in the area she knows from peace corps, and i’ll be visiting casey who i know from way back. apparently friday night she’s having some kind of debate watching party. then afterwards some berkeley nightlife which casey says is actually pretty sedate. we might have to check out the scene in san francisco.


the Berkeley bars suck.

There are weird live shows at various bars in Oakland sometimes, but yr best bet is San Francisco

But if I were you, I would just spend my time Eating. There is no better place in this country for eating than Berkeley, in my not at all humble opinion.

trying my hardest. see next post :)


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