kiln opening and dance party at hell

woke at 5am saturday after a week of too little sleep. picked up christy and chloe and drove to pittsboro for the mark hewitt’s kiln opening. we were the eighth car. feigned sleep for two hours as the sun and mosquitos came out.

we parked at 8 and got in line. there were a dozen or so people in front of us and by 9am maybe 50-100 behind us. we brought canvas bags, which greatly improved our pot grabbing speed and capacity when they led us into the barn. i was most interested in some small vases and a very cool teapot.

mark hewitt teapot

christy and chloe–who grabbed exactly what they wanted–had to endure me and jane as we looked over the twenty or so pots we collected and tried to determine what we *really* wanted and what we could put back. probably the hardest part was deciding what we’ll keep for ourselves and what we’ll eventually give away as gifts.

around 11 we got home, had some lunch, and collapsed until after 5pm. got ready for the hell dance party. prepartied at niamh and eric’s, got to hell a little before 10, and i don’t think we rolled out until 2 in the morning, the only sils kids left were tim and todd (aka the bueno love baller sound system) still spinning discs at their turntables. i was soaked with sweat. we jumped out of the long, not-moving line at hectors and headed to time-out. mmm, fried chicken, mac and cheese, and a buttery, salty biscuit.


i forgot about the hell dance party. doh.


I’m missing chapel hill culture a little bit. there are only so many times per week that one can justify the drive down I40. Luckily, Raleigh also has night spots–so I hear.

Hell parties – one of the things I do miss about CH :).

I’m so jealous. I always want to go to a Hell dance party but never manage to do it. It’s the guilt that comes with being a mother.

robin, you should come! no guilt. email tim, he knows when the next one will be, i think it’s like oct 2 or something…

But I have no cute clothes to wear either!

pshaw robin, i doubt that! what did i wear to hell? brownish greyish greenish pants and a navy blue tshirt. what else do you need?


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