inside my office

picture of my office

of course i couldn’t photograph my new office until i had my diplomas framed and up on the wall. which necessitated a total office makeover.

in order to get everything into the photo, i had to splice three images together, hence the multicolor walls behind my desk carpet smudges.

also, i added a picture of my office flora to a previous post.



very cool splicing job…but i look at it and i’m afraid that you’re going to roll backwards and right out your door. scary.

You have an office with a door! Go you! *swanky*

yeah… maybe i shoulda rotated the whole thing a bit more.

fixed the rolling backwards effect. i respliced the images and warped so the perspective looks better.


the framed link goes nowhere

man, totally dropped the ball on that one. it’s fixed.

el jefe

back to the door huh? Very bad Fen Shui my friend… may need a re-org

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