when did this become such a complainblog?

when i started it, i was inspired by the idea that i could take the ideas out of my head and put them in a place where people could stumble upon them. not so much because my ideas are extra-special-great or anything, but because in the aggregate, the weblogs i was reading at the time had this eerie tendency to touch upon subjects that i happened to be finding intriguing or confusing independently. and i wanted to contribute to that.

have i wrote before that i feel guilty doing domestic chores?

really. graduate school makes you feel bad about putting away the dishes when you should be studying for a final exam. not just that i don’t have the time, but that doing the chore is actually below me. that i see the five minutes i spend putting away the dishes with every domestic chore i’d ever perform over the course of my life, and it amounts to such an obscene amount of time that i couldn’t possibly have any time to do anything else in life.

so i put away the dishes anyway.


el jefe

probably for the best…

how does watching multiple episodes of ‘while you were out’ and ‘trading spaces’ rank in the guilt-o-meter?

What about “spending two hours a day reading blogs”? is that sanctioned time wastage or mortal sin?

hehe, if i had a tv, i would slit my wrists out of guilt. my mantra: one more semester…one more semester. blog reading, oh, that’s pure pleasure.

In grad school, I used to like domestic chores because i) vacuuming can be a form of exercise and ii) it guranteed I was able to accomplish something

whoa, hey steve. don’t know ya. thanks for leaving a comment. unfortunately my floors are hardwood. sweeping isn’t exactly vacummin’ :(


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