is my head in this game?

taking a break from studying for the research methods final quiz.

described by jean as the hardest test she’s ever taken and by jason as not the hardest test he’s ever taken, but no fun.

i haven’t given a squat about this class all semester long. so i’m wondering how closely i’m flirting with an “L”–the not good grade in grad school, “where grades do not matter.” probably not at all.

after this stupid quiz, i have to write some sort of 12 page long research proposal as a final project for this class. but it’s totally fake because i’m writing it to satisfy the professor, not my master’s advisor. which i finally got, btw. one less thing to stress about. grad school: how awkward. who knew?

update: several hours and 16 chapters later, here are some cool terms i dredged from babbie: ecological fallacy, cohort studies, snowball sampling, ethnomethodology, anomie, multivariate analysis, chi square


anomie is one of my favorite words, but I always thought it meant “disaffection stemming from a lack of morals” or something to that effect. What does this word “really” mean?

durkheim says “Anomie thus refers to a breakdown of social norms and it a condition where norms no longer control the activities of members in society.” in any case it wasn’t on the test, but i found the synopsis of durkheim’s study on suicide interesting enough to read.

by the way, the test took about 30 minutes. reading the entire textbook in one night was mightily helpful, but from a cost-benefit analysis, i’m not sure…


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