omg this is the most awesomest thing ever

the rabbit ambulance in legos by “brick artist” nathan sawaya, inspired by september 25th’s cartoon in achewood about which I’ve blogged previously on several occasions.

Rabbit Ambulance in Legos
“Rabbits are cute, simple creatures with a social services infrastructure just like anybody else”


“WHOA! supreme court allows rosa parks to sue outkast! “

See she never got a chance to hear their side of the story, they was divided. She had fish fries, cook-outs, for the child’s birthday they won’t invited.


J–you’re becoming scarily obsessed with the rabbit ambulance. What holds you so mesmerized? Can we say “eccentric”?

for some people it’s the rabbit ambulance, others it the great cthulhu

holy fucking shit!

i know i know. i’m just wondering how big is this going to get. i’ve already got the tshirt. maybe if we have like a post-happy hour happy hour, i’ll wear it.

So I may be years behind the rest of the worl… but I just saw the White Stripes’ lego video for the first time. That was keen.

Also, I assume you’ve seen “The Brick Testament”?


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