so i’m writing this fake master’s proposal

and i’ve got one part left. i’ve got to write at least one and a half pages that describe the “precise statement of [my] (experimental) methodology.” but i haven’t got any experimental methodology.

so i’m taking a break right now to see if any good bs comes to mind. one and a half pages of precise experimental methodological bulldroppings. i think i may need some tricuits first. i think i may need to go into precise detail about my ethnomethodology. then i think i’ll throw in some grounded theory.

god it’s late.

but when i finish writing this last page and a half, i’m done for the semester.

more importantly though, when i finish i can go to bed.

i hope everyone has enjoyed this up to the minute status of my final exams and projects. and of my [in]sanity. shortly this blog will be returning to its original programming. thanks for reading.

update: the problem, btw, when you’ve got one and a half solid pages to write and roughly seven hours to write it in, well, your motivation gets shot to hell. even when it’s 4am. ok. i’m going to start now.


God, you’re in some sort of hell over there. I’ve been there. I hope that the right combination of caffeine and snack food pulled you through. Happy end of exams.

all done. turned it in at 11am this morning, with a parade of other research methods folks. very walk-of-shame-ish. done done done. now to bed to see if i can sleep any.

ack, jellybath, what the hell is that! scary scary scary


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