my email inbox contains 1 message,

from progressive, reminding me to renew my car insurance. for the car i own that i don’t drive because it doesn’t drive.

what do you do with a car that doesn’t drive? some people have suggested donating it, and then some people seem to think not. i remember an ad on the spine of the yellow pages about some guy that will buy *any* car. i think i may try him first. otherwise i’m calling some auto-wrecking place.

i think i have car on the brain. this is me looking at my previous post (as well as this one). i wondered today whether having melanie’s car over the break affected me in any way. i went grocery shopping and went to the mall. both instances spending money i might not otherwise have spent. (ie: reason not to have a car) but i also went to caffe driade which is essentially inaccessible sans car.

i think it just made me feel different. slightly freer in a time when i’m still not entirely free (read: grad school). freer in a time when it feels luxurious acting free.


i just realized that you were [possibly] bragging about having cleaned out your inbox with that title. :( my inbox has 14 messages and is in a holding/growing pattern until next week.

moi brag? mais non.

actually quite amazed at myself.

so shouldn’t your fancy new blog-commenting system be making its debut on… your blog?

hizzle, haha. that “blog commenting” idea was just a foil to confuse everyone in 357 about my real final project, to be unveiled on wednesday.

this is just a significantly modded haloscan.

oh, the mystery. i’m tingling with anticipation.

comments have transformed your blog into a virtual community. hurrah for comments!


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