mostly i just want to push all that icky war stuff down below the fold.

has it ever occurred to you that the word we pronounce “apolstry” is spelled “upholstery”. why is that?

Etymology: Middle English upholdester upholsterer, from upholden to uphold, from up + holden to hold

yesterday, on a whim, i bought a car. i was actually looking for a 87-91 era toyota camry after seeing a whole bunch in cambodia. i wanted one in dark blue, but i think the black one i found for a paltry $800 is much cooler than i could have hoped. truthfully, i can only take credit for the whim of the checkbook. jean deserves most of the “whim” credit for spontaneously driving me out to salisbury, nc on saturday (and then making sure i made it back to chapel hill).

1998 Toyota Camry
the car

i should definitely create one of those dorky car webpages with pictures and a catalog of all the things i do to it. it could be like a carblog.

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