smart cars

i wonder if it would be possible to import one of these. so quirky and yet, so beautiful.

Smart CityCoupe 2003

apparently they won’t be available in the US until 2006 when they roll out an SUV model *gag*. i didn’t realize there were so many smart car models now.


i vote useless on the usb cup warmer. but the graph alone makes it worth a link. ahh the techies, what will they think of next?

notice it doesn’t exactly keep the coffee warm, it just keeps it from losing heat faster.

i wonder if that’s more due to the insulated sleeve and less to the usb power source which “may not be enough to generate heat!” what a hoot!

(dear lord. do i need to add comments to my “neatlinks”?)

I never realized they had so many models, either. That roadster is hot. Import me one while you’re at it, please.

What happens to these cars/occupants when some dummy in an oversized SUV on a phone call spills coffee in their lap and suddenly appears in your windshield at 55mph?

I figure that’s risk I’d have to take with pretty much any non-SUV vs. SUV. That said, the smart car is supposed to very well-designed to withstand impact. I think they modeled it after an egg.


I agree. Eggs withstand things that makes it appear to defy physics. I wouldn’t be surprized if they did model the car after an egg. My dad’s buying one of these. Hah! That’s should be a hoot. =]


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