black honda civic

or aesthetic?

black honda accord

right now i’m entirely sold on pragmatic. i just like looking at aesthetic every once and a while to see if i’m making the right decision. side by side like this aesthetic looks kind of obscene.

the challenge now is choosing between the 115hp LX and the 127hp EX, which also adds alloy wheels, a moon roof, and anti-lock brakes. and $2000. what makes this a hard decision? the alloy wheels.



So, I had to read the HTML of your site to realize that pragmatic is a Civic and aesthestic is an Accord. The choice is all yours.


Answer to challenge: LX

What is up with alloy wheels? I just don’t get it.

my corolla has 130hp and doesn’t exactly scream performance. i’d be rather skeptical of a machine with only 115hp.

el jefe

go for the accord! Its not like we’re talking about a car with no roof or something! its plenty pragmatic… a friend of mine has one and its cool as hell

dad: yeah, i got myself to accept the LX mentally, but the difference in monthly payments would only be about $30/month

robin: alloy wheels are purttier

abe: yeah, probably gonna hafta sacrifice performance for $$$. of course the civic is a tiny lil’ thing, prolly doesn’t take that much hp to get her movin’.

patrick: hehe, yeah, well, aesthetics come at a steep price my friend. plus i’m not sure i could live with myself, driving all over chapelthrill and carrboro in a flashy car.


aesthetic i know cause i own one

Brandon, well in any event, this post is now moot, cause I sold pragmatic.


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