one class down

i am done with my final presentation for virtual communities. i did a survey of the social networking service. jean did friendster, something that has been very popular this semester. the way blogging was last semester.

like so many open ended final projects, it was really hard buckling down to do any actual work. i spent sunday evening psyching myself up for doing work monday. i did my research monday, which consisted of using at strongs, and i conceptualized the presentation tuesday morning before giving it at 2pm for nearly an hour and a half. can we say exhaustion?

coming up next week: present final project for human computer interactions, write paper for censorship, turn 24.

thinking about: how my life will change once school is over.


eek gads. i added comments. i’m still working on hacking this popup template. i’ve upgraded my account, but that hasn’t seemed to register yet. this should suffice for now.

comments! but will these be here tomorrow?


they’ll be here unless i maniacally decide to delete them all

ok. i seem to have gotten this comment template thing in order. if you’re having issues, let me know.

i never thought i’d see the day.


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