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Park at 90 Degrees with pride!

Here’s a t-shirt just for you, San Francisco. Inspired by our own “Park at 90 Degrees” signs. Available for men and women.

Park at 90 Degrees t-shirt
I love this shirt

I sense an if statement in your future.

So true I made it into a bumper sticker:

'I sense an if statement in your future' fortune cookie bumper sticker

All credit goes to Jonathan for this one. And he was right, I had to add an if-statement. Wise words from a wise man.

Also available in a totally hot new mug form-factor:

'I sense an if statement in your future' fortune cookie mug

My first mug ever! I’m totally getting one.

Golden Gate Bridge at night

Golden Gate Bridge from Battery Point at dusk
At dusk
Golden Gate Bridge color-accented from Battery Point at dusk
Golden Gate Bridge long-exposure

Note: If you’re interested in buying a print of one these photos, please don’t hesitate to send me an email.

Here are some other posts with photos of the Golden Gate Bridge:

Parody is not a Crime

Inspired by the EFF bumper sticker “Coding is not a Crime” on the back window of Matt’s truck (and by recent events), I decided to make a button.

The Parody is not a Crime button
'Parody is not a Crime' button

Only 3 bucks, for a limited time only, while supplies last, our operators are waiting to take your call.

The grossest thing about poison oak…

…are the weeping blisters. I went out last night wearing a pair of loose-fitting pants. This is how they looked this morning.

Pant leg stained with weeping blisters from poison oak

Hell yeah, my body did that! And if I’d been wearing white pants, you’d see that the weeping fluid is actually a deep yellow.

Now I won’t gross everyone out with a picture of my festering, weeping welts, but for the curious at heart, I’ll offer you this link to a picture of my legs, one week after exposure. Click at your own risk!

I’m off to the grocery store to pick up some calamine lotion. Nothing I like more than going out in public sporting open sores up and down my legs. I need to make a tshirt right now that says “I’m not contagious.”


I'm not contagious! tshirt design
Note: this t-shirt design has been discontinued.

Update: No more poison-oak!