What my smartphone sees

So I got this new camera (that also happens to make and receive calls). And like any camera that’s always with me, I use it to take the occasional photo. The quality is not great, but it’s better than my first foray into cellphone photography.

I’ve never been much of a street photographer—I don’t really like taking photos of strangers—but I do like taking photos of interesting street scenes. Anyway, I’ve had the camera for 2 months now, so I decided to go through all the photos I’ve taken and pluck out a few that I thought were noteworthy.

Legs sticking out of a box
One morning just around the corner from our house

Graffiti in a bar bathroom
I’m pretty sure this work was commissioned
Graffiti in the Civic Center MUNI station
I’m pretty sure this wasn’t
Small armchair in the mission
Small chair
Dolores Park full of people
Our backyard on a sunny day
Diesel's Studio Africa ad on Market St in San Francisco
“Yay! Woo! You made it to work!” (They greet me every morning)


Hiya Justin, I’m your secret fan for some time now.. I enjoyed the posts form your trips with Stephanie espacially, great stuff. Anyways, this post and pics are interesting. I had the pleasure to be in SF in 2001 as a student, so I guess that’s the reason I like to pop in and look around in Justinsomnia.org. Keep up good work, cheers!

Grażyna, I’m glad you’ve continued to enjoy my posts. Thanks for leaving a comment.

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