What’s on the grill in France?

Barbecue grill in France
BBQ à la Française

In short: the whole barnyard. Pictured above, there’s the ever popular chipolata (pork sausage) and merguez (spicy lamb sausage), plus dinde (turkey), and médaillons de porc au lard (bacon-wrapped pork loin). Not pictured, but grilled later that night were skewers of boeuf (beef), agneau (lamb), and some very yummy magret de canard (duck breast). Merci Chef Michel!


Yum! Glad this photo was in colour! ;-)
Kidding! Your black-and-whites have been fabulous!


YUM YUM YUM, this really looks good, was any sauces or marinates used to enhance the meats?

Claudine, thanks! As much as I’ve been enjoying the B&W lately, I didn’t even think to try to desaturate this one.

Dad, yes I think there were, it looks like there’s something on the turkey—but whatever it was it came from the grocery store that way.


Hello justin ! What a good memory of that BBQ party !
There were no sauce to accompagn the meat because the meat was marinated with herbs and olive oil from the grocery store. Oh That was good !!!!!
Big kisses


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