Beef worthy of a Texas grill

Texas pride can be a little over the top sometimes, so when I saw a steak in the shape of Texas on the side of an H-E-B semi-trailer the other day, I had to get a photo of it. I was driving at the time, so I asked Stephanie to snap these out the window for me (with her original iPhone). It was only after passing the truck that we realized the entire ad was a barbecue-rific recreation of the Texas Flag, complete with “lone star” tongs. Absolutely brilliant!

H-E-B truck: Beef worthy of a Texas grill

H-E-B truck: Beef worthy of a Texas grill
H-E-B truck: Beef worthy of a Texas grill

Thinking to myself: man, what I wouldn’t give to see a Texas-shaped steak sizzlin’ on a Texas-shaped grill.


Our Scottish guests called H-E-B “Heeb” and I didn’t think it was worth correcting them given their short stay. Michael used to say it, too, and every time it made me think of a Jewish magazine. I had to correct him, since he communicates with other Texans on a regular basis.

The ubiquitous Texas-proud imagery has spawned a new road-trip game in our family. We do “spot the Texas star” and count how many each team can collect. It’s amazing how many homes — and everything else — are star-studded.


My dad, who was just here, heard about HEB and reminded me about anti-semitism, and how it is a thing, and how he would not be going to that store. Apparently, HEB offends before it even tries to advertise.

Also, if you need a TX-shaped steak for real, there are these things called “Bubba Burgers”…

Funny, heeb is not an ethnic slur I’m familiar with. I’m guessing it’s partly generational, as there’s already been a Heeb Magazine aimed at reclaiming the word.

Perhaps it would give your Dad some additional relief to know that the initials stand for the name of the man who founded the store, Howard E. Butt, who I’m sure preferred the innocuous H-E-B to the laughable Butt’s.


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