I had a large mug of chai masala at the start of our evening cooking class in Udaipur two nights ago and the next thing I know I’m tweaking my about page until four in the morning. It’s the only revamp I’ve done since I first cobbled the thing together years ago. Let me know what you think…



As a senior in college the night before one of my final exams [Physics or something] I decided to have a pot of tea. A few tea bags [yup, more than one for sure!], some water, a healthy dose of sugar, and I was set to go. Sip, sip, sip. Not knowing that tea is a stimulant (then why did my mother have a cup of tea before bed sometimes – sheesh the English heritage) I was up all night and did terrible on that final. So I’ve not forgotten that and it was 40 years ago!

It’s pretty much a rule of mine: no caffeine after noon. But occasionally I slip up.


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